Style up your exteriors, make the outdoors great again

At Perth Window Decor we’re dedicated to ensuring your home, business or building puts on its best face in the most practical way. Our exterior window treatments and furnishings can make your outdoor spaces more liveable, while also working to manage the heat, shade and airflow inside – even at the height of summer.

We pride ourselves on modern and cutting-edge styles and custom-made treatments. With our experience in the construction and roofing industries, we can create something to match your vision for your window styles, building aspect and architectural detailing.

Enjoying Western Australia’s outdoor lifestyle

Western Australia has the world’s best weather. It means outdoor living is simply part of our lifestyle. When you have the right outdoor living and window treatments you can really take advantage of our breeze, warmth and sunshine – all while avoiding the full heat and strength of the sun.

Our outdoor blinds, shutters and curtains create shade for the exterior of your building and also shape and soften the light coming in.

Customer service comes first

At Perth Window Decor, we’re a local company of boutique craftspeople – a team of consultants and installation experts backed by a local supplier and manufacturer network. We’re versatile, agile and customer focused.

Our prices are competitive, but because we’re flexible and mobile it means finding your best outdoor living solutions and window treatments is not about cost – it’s about getting you a great result.

It’s why we’re not aligned with any of the big fabric manufacturers, meaning we can offer you all the latest styles and the most durable materials.

With your ideas and our range, we can even collaborate to create a stylish and durable look for your outdoor lounges, cushions and daybed mattresses. Fully UV-stable options are also available for exposed poolsides, patios, gazebos and verandahs.

We will take the time to understand your needs and then work to give you exactly what you want

Find out why people say the Perth Window Decor approach will exceed your expectations, not your budget.

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