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You deserve a beautiful home. A place that has your personal touch. A place that reflects your lifestyle and taste. When you’re happy to come home, you’re happy to entertain guests and family too.

Encompassing both indoor and outdoor widow treatments, our comprehensive product range has the right options to match your home, your ideas and your personal sense of taste.

Window treatments without limit

Because Perth Window Decor is fully independent, we can offer you the best range of window treatment fabrics from right across the industry. It means if you have an idea – something you’ve seen in a magazine, or something similar to a place you’ve visited – if it’s out there in the market, we can make it happen.

Our window treatment consultants have long experience in the industry and know the ins and outs of every product in our range. Their goal is always creating beautiful homes. That’s why we come to you: to see the windows in question and give you honest feedback on your best choices.

We’re the experts at creating your space

When you’ve made your design decision, our window treatment consultants will keep you in the loop on your project’s progress – right up until installation. That’s when our friendly, professional and deeply experienced installation staff will come to you to fit everything: no mess, no hassle, no fuss.

If you have an idea that’s not encompassed in the range listed here, please contact us. We have good relationships with all the local manufacturers and custom-make the finished products ourselves. Your imagination is the limit. It’s time to start dreaming.

Something catch your eye? Call a consultant to find out more about anything in the range.

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We can help you create it all:

  • Relaxing parents’ retreats

  • Funky kid’s bedrooms

  • Sexy boudoirs

  • Airy, inviting loungerooms

  • Sheltered home offices

  • Suave formal dining rooms