The importance of having curtains in your home this summer

The importance of colour

Whilst the colour scheme you have chosen will obviously play an important part in the choice of curtains, there are some other factors that you might like to consider before you make that final purchase. A darker tone will give the room you are redecorating a more classical elegant look, however, remember that dark colours can also absorb more heat which will in turn make the room they are in much hotter. It is not necessary to go for a dark colour if the main purpose of the curtain or indeed any other window covering, is to block out the light completely, as a well-made curtain in a lighter shade will do the job just as well. Of course, if a curtain can keep the heat out during the summer it will also help to keep heat in during the winter.

In addition to keeping a room cool during the hot summer months, good quality curtains can keep the sun off your soft furnishings and flooring, preserving the vibrancy of the colours and avoiding fading to the materials.


For those people who work shifts, bright summer sunshine can be a nightmare when trying to sleep during the daytime. It is worth considering black out fabric for bedroom curtains in these instances – there is no compromise in the quality of the fabric, just the added convenience of a completely dark tranquil room to help you sleep whilst the sun shines. These types of curtains are also perfect for the nursery as well, allowing your child to nap during the day without the distraction of the brightness of the daylight filtering into the room. Bespoke black out curtains can be made to fit your windows perfectly allowing for perfect coverage and total darkness.


Sheer curtains are a great way to enjoy the summer sunshine, allowing just a small amount of light in whilst affording the occupants of the room sufficient privacy. A good quality sheer curtain allows a softer subtler light into the room, projecting a calming vibe – making it perfect for a room that is used more frequently in the house, such as the living room. There is no rule, however, that says that a sheer curtain can’t be used in a bedroom as well; they create a great window dressing effect – soft and romantic during the day with the added convenience of a block out curtain behind to create the perfect sleeping atmosphere. When done properly, using good quality curtains, this use of the two different fabric types on the same window can add a real touch of elegance to any room.

Here at Perth Window Decor, we offer a wide range of window dressing options to keep your home exactly how you want it this summer, so whether you’re looking for black out curtains, want to protect your furniture from the sun, or simply want a change of décor for the summer season, we’ll be happy to create a bespoke window dressing for any room in your home.

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